Special features of Qsafe Nano Zn+

1) Anti-Bacterial

Nano Ion+ is an effective anti-bacterial agent, extremely stable in the air.

2) Anti-Odour

Nano Ion+ eliminates bad odour of helium, vulcanized gas, acetic acids, methylmercaptan.

3) Anti-Contamination

Nano Ion+ removes dioxin and other oxygenated organic and inorganic environment contamination.

4) Lightening

Nano Ion+ controls development of melanin, achieving skin whitening effect.

5) Self-Cleansing

Apply Nano Ion+ on skin to eliminate bacteria. Just rinse with clear water to remove dirt from skin.

6) Lab-Tested

Proven to kill more than 3000 types of bacteria, virus and fungus.

Effective against microorganism and germs!

In the biomedical industry, Nano Ion+ is widely functional and beneficial. When mixed with water, Nano Ion+ releases Zinc ions, which penetrates through cell membranes. When in contact with the negatively charged microbial cells, sulfhydryl in the bacteria will be attracted, deactivating the enzyme and directly damages the cell membrane, changing the characteristics of enzyme in microbial cells, leading to suffocation, decelerating metabolism and reproduction of bacteria and deactivating its anti-bacterial effect.

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