Liquid Laundry Detergent 1306


Liquid Detergent + Softener 1306

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Liquid Detergent + Softener 1306


* This Product works great! Can protect women’s underwear and panties. Especially the elastics in the trousers.

* This Product is Soda and alcohol free. (Prevents overstretched and out of shape clothes)

* Especially for those with sensitive skin. (Provides 24 hours of protection!)

* Maintains the original fabric color of the clothes.

* 这款洗衣粉效果很好! 可以保护女性的内衣和内裤。 尤其是裤子上的松紧带。

* 这种液体洗涤剂不含苏打水和酒精。 (这就是为什么你的衣服不会过度拉伸和变形。)

* 特别适合敏感肌肤人士。 (提供24小时保护!)

* 保持衣服原有的面料颜色。


** Capacity : 2000ml & 5000ml

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2000ml, 5000ml


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